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Fire At Mr. Arun Jaitley’s Home

This relates to few years ago when I had the chance of making a couple of  visits to Mr. Arun Jaitley’s (current Finance Minister and Minister of Information and Broadcasting) residence in Kailash Colony.

The reason was a professional one – we were a supplier and service provider for fire safety products and there was a fire in the generator area of his residence.

 During the fire assessment visit , I had chance meeting with his Wife, very down to earth, simple lady Mrs. Sangeeta Jaitley.  You would take her as a normal housewife looking and caring for each part of the house.

In those days there used to be small fire incidents at Mr. Jaitley’s house quite frequently and we used to wonder why  these happen so frequently at his house. The Jaitley family had a very decent good looking House with a big prayer room on one of the floors.  The children, Rohan and Sonali , were involved in their studies and we just used to see them coming and going out from home for one activity or the other. Home affairs were handled by Mrs. Jaitley and we never faced any tantrums , usually associated With high profile individuals, while handling our scope of work with the Jaitley family. Mr. Arun Jaitley and Mrs. Sangeeta Jaitley were a picture of poise – sensible and professional in their dealings with others. Mr. Arun Jaitley had a big office full of books in the basement area of the building but we had Seldom found him in office during the numerous visits. Always ready to listen and understand minute Details – Mrs. Jaitley would understand the product and handling details for the fire extinguisher, finalise the location for fire extinguisher installation in the kitchen and other main parts of the house. We wish all the best (without fire incidents) to the jaitley’s family and best wishes to Sonali for her married life.


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