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Fire Hydrant System consists of a set of accessories (landing valves, hoses, branch pipes, hose reels, automated fire pump) that uses pressurized water to manually put off fire in Residential, Commercial and Industrial Projects. 
Fire Hydrant system is the basic system mandated by the NBC (National Building codes of India) to be used for firefighting purpose and also for getting NOC (No objection Certificate) from the local fire authorities.
The Most important thing for a Fire Hydrant System is the designing part. Many times users try to install the fire fighting system on their own but are unable to install an efficient fire hydrant system due to lack of knowledge and also the urge to minimize their cost.  The hardware part consists of below fire fighting accessories installed as per the design laid out by the consultant/architect/vendor. In India, all fire fighting accessories should adhere to the respective BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) codes of ISI MARK.

  1. Fire Hydrants / Fire Landing valves (IS 5290)

Merits and Demerits of a Fire Hydrant System

Fire Hydrant systems have the merits of being a low maintenance solution with long life that can be used to handle medium and large fires. The disadvantages of this type of Fire protection system is that it is difficult to handle, not very efficient and can cause more post fire damage to interiors and assets due to water.



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