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 How trained is your Disaster Management Team to manage fire during emergency ?
  Do you know if your facility complies with the existing norms of NBC in India ?

Above questions are generally left within the subconscious mind and  we feel that merely Buying and Installing fire extinguishers, fire hydrants,  fire alarms, Exit signs and  doing  fire extinguisher Refilling ends our responsibility permanently towards the fire safety of our premises. 
FIRE SAFETY AUDIT has been the most neglected part of the fire safety field in India.  Most people are not aware of the importance of Fire safety audit and keep on buying products and services without ever caring to think whether that particular product or service is really required for his facility or not. Such buyers end up buying many things which are actually not needed.
In case of fire emergency if such Fire safety  infrastructure does not help or leads to excessive maintenance cost – the buyer is left wondering what went wrong and he again follows the same process of augmenting his fire safety measures without bothering to understand whether the product/ service
Is actually required or not.
IMPACT fire safety Audit Team provides its services for all kind of occupancies including residential, commercial and corporate buildings, industrial plants, malls, cinema halls, warehouses, small factories etc. A Fire Safety Audit is required at all levels of a project and for all Occupancies –whether small or big to really understand the status of the occupancy with regard to fire hazards and the solution available
To protect the lives and belongings of people.
IMPACT Fire Safety Audit is a must at least once a year for all occupancies. Contrary to the belief that it will eat on their budgets – an audit really helps in saving investments in areas where it is not required. It allows suggestion of alternative cheaper means of achieving the fire Safety targets at a much lesser cost then previously thought of.
IMPACT fire safety Audit is an effective tool for assessing the fire safety status in hospitals, Schools, malls, residential buildings, industries, corporate offices or any other occupancy. It allows you to understand the current condition of fire safety of your premises and the areas for improvement in fire safety measures towards fire protection, fire fighting and ensuring minimum casualty during a fire. The audit provides an action plan for getting future ready with your preparedness for fire emergency.

IMPACT conducts Fire Safety Audits as per the National Building codes of India and the other relevant laws in India including The Factories Act, the Petroleum Act, and the Electricity Act.
The audit also takes into consideration the latest developments in fire safety norms by giving due consideration to NFPA (National Fire Protection Association, USA) and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Association, USA). 
An audit report is submitted to the client in simple, easy to understand terms giving Details of:

This report will detail a comprehensive strategic upgrade path which can often be staged over a 5 year timeframe (hence defraying your costs) if necessary.
You may also be able to reduce insurance costs by showing you are implementing complient systems which reduces your insurance costs.
 and finally, it is the peace of mind to all concerned that comes with having knowledge of existing condition of fire safety in your premises and the best suited and reasonable solutions available in the market.



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